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The grass clapped my hand: "Go to find your bosom friend." I pushed the door open, and at the corner of the corridor, I watched two women walk up to the doctor and point to the empty seat opposite him, presumably asking if they could share a table (this kind of Chinese fast food restaurant is more common during rush hours). The doctor turned his back to me, not knowing what to say, and the two ladies walked towards the empty table not far away. The doctor took out his cell phone and was about to make a call. I walked up behind him and lowered my voice. "Hi, sir. Are you alone?"? Is it convenient to share the table? The doctor suddenly turned around and looked at me. "Excuse me, my wife will be here soon." " I pinched his earlobe and sat down opposite him: "Brother, the market is good ~" Doctor: "I'm flattered." Can you stop being so calm! When we got up after dinner, the eyes of the two ladies before us were shooting back and forth. The doctor is extremely good mood, pull me: "Go, pick up the child." (Chen Cong's nephew, we help to take care of him for two hours.) I am speechless and look at the sky. It's an old married couple. In the afternoon, after Chen Cong picked up his nephew, I went to the kitchen to clean up the little guy's leftover fruit plate and heard my cell phone ring. Gu Wei, whose phone is it? The doctor came over with an expressionless face and handed over his cell phone: "Shao Jiang." The last time I met each other, I left my number,custom cosmetic packaging, but I really can't think of anything. Dry your hands and pick them up. After an innocuous prologue, he asked about L's wedding next month. L is my senior sister who is two years higher than me in the undergraduate period. Although she is in the same college, she basically has business contacts with me, and she is slightly better than a nodding acquaintance with me. The news of her marriage was also mentioned by someone in the circle of classmates not long ago. As soon as Shao Jiang asked, I was a little confused: "She didn't send me an invitation." "I was one of the groomsmen." "Oh." You can't say congratulations, right? "Well, actually,eye cream packing tube, the bridal party is still short of a bridesmaid." "Oh." Why is it popular to get married with one best man and one bridesmaid? It's like a group wedding. Shao smiled at the other end. "Can you support me?" I had a quick moment in my mind and said bluntly, "I don't have that kind of relationship with her.". It would be more appropriate to find your classmates in the same year. Say congratulations for me. Shao did not insist any more, said a few words and hung up the phone. A week later, school. I'll help L deliver the invitation. I took the delicate envelope and looked at Shao Jiang in front of me and his French friend Anfei next to him, only to feel that the situation was somewhat strange. Subconsciously, he held the grass beside him who was ready to go back to the dormitory. Finally, I don't know how it turned into a visit to the campus. Back to the dormitory, the grass asked: "What is the situation?" I recalled what the doctor had said and shrugged. "Nothing." After that, Anfei asked me to help her find an old periodical, but the person who came to get it was Shao Jiang. I really can't figure out the behavior of these two people. L's wedding, a few familiar people on the table, the whole night, cosmetic tube packaging ,plastic packing tube, I in addition to stuffy head to eat, is looking up at the stage, bored. After the wedding banquet, I said goodbye to L, and Shao Jiang opened his mouth and said, "Shall I send you back later?" On one side, Anfei raised her eyelids. Thank you Determined not to get involved in this mess, "my boyfriend will be here soon." When the doctor arrived, a small circle of people were silent for three seconds. I saw Shao Jiang and Anfei smiled politely and dignified at Gu Wei, and for no reason they were a little irritable. They took Gu Wei's arm and nodded to leave. On the way back, the doctor looked at me holding the hot soybean milk and drank one mouthful after another. "How was the wedding?" He said with a smile. I shook my head. "I'm not familiar with him, and the food is not to my taste." I found something wrong at the end of the year when Shao Jiang came to return the bound magazine. On that day, Gu Wei came to take me back to his parents' home for dinner. He took over the bound issue from Shao, and it was not convenient to take a heavy copy with him, so he transferred it to the dormitory to deposit it, leaving Gu Wei and Shao Jiang alone. Five minutes later, I came out and said, "Well, the dormitory manager specially found a bag to pack it, which is waterproof and anti-theft." The doctor chuckled. I turned to Shao Jiang, and he nodded: "Please.". I'll take my leave. He left in a hurry, looked at Gu Wei before he left, and said nothing.
Along the way, Gu Wei's eyebrows and eyes were calm. When he got home, he said hello and went into the kitchen to help. I felt even more wrong. Often he would carry me to the living room or kitchen together. I thought of what Sansan had said before, "You two hurry up and go out with your rings on, so as not to have a long night and a lot of dreams," so I went firmly into the kitchen. The doctor's mother glanced at the soup on the pot and Gu Wei, who was concentrating on washing his hands, and gave me the apron. I went behind Gu Wei, hugged him, and buried my whole face in his back. It's almost ready. Go out and wait. Don't move. Gu Wei added salt to the casserole with a heavy load: "Koala, set the bowls and chopsticks." Keep still. All right, what's wrong with you? "Gu Wei, we have been together for more than two years." You're having a little mood swing. Can't I see that? The doctor raised his eyebrows and turned to stir the soup in a rather uncooperative manner. Auntie! I raised my voice. Gu Wei quickly turned around and buckled me into his arms. What's the matter? The doctor's mother pushed the door. Gu Wei: "Well, we have something after dinner." "Don't rush back next time you have something to do. It's tiring to run back and forth." The doctor's mother completely ignored my arms and hands, which were entangled with the doctor. "The soup is almost ready. Bring it out for dinner." Calmly went out. The doctor squinted at me. I ignored him and took out the soup. As soon as I got up to help clean up the dishes for dinner, I was driven out by the doctor's mother: "You are busy with your work.". Tell me in advance what you want to eat next time you come back. Let's say goodbye. The doctor was silent, and when he got out of the intersection, he was ready to turn the light in the direction of the apartment. Me: "XX road." Doctor: "Buy something?" Me: "Already bought." Half an hour later,cosmetic plastic tube, when the doctor was put on a ring by me, his dull expression gave me a great sense of achievement. He stared at his middle finger for five seconds and quickly looked back at my hand. I lit up generously and suddenly felt a little embarrassed: "Well, you remember to take it off before the operation." The doctor looked at me and did not speak. emptycosmetictubes.com


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