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"No way!" Aunt obviously no longer believes Yi Ning's bullshit: "You have been saying this for three months!"! Do I have to believe that you are not a fool again? All right, as I said at the beginning, if you can't pay the rent, I'll hold your luggage until you pay the rent. As he spoke, he asked the two young hoodlums to carry out their luggage. It happened that the portrait of my parents, including the birthday gift, was placed on the plane. He said, "Originally, the rent for March was one thousand and two hundred yuan. But how long have you been in arrears with me? Even the bank has to charge interest. So I have a total of one thousand and five hundred yuan. When you get it together, I will give it to you." "I.." Yi Ning hesitated to speak, and when he saw the two small hoodlums staring at him with fierce eyes, he was afraid that if he had a slight change, he would rush up. In fact, he is not afraid, joking, even Xu Zongrui that bastard has been cleaned up, just a few of you? But after all, he was in the wrong. He really didn't pay the rent, so there was no conflict. He just said, "Auntie, well, it was my fault. One thousand and five hundred is one thousand and five hundred. I will collect enough money as soon as possible.". Just, can you give me the portrait of my parents? You know.. "You want it?" The aunt picked up the portrait and circled around in front of Yi Ning. "Then bring the money!" She shouted. Didn't I say it all? I'll do it as soon as possible. How soon are you as soon as possible? If you don't see the money for a moment, you can't! "You!" Yi Ning was really angry,carnosic acid price, but it was not easy to break out. He bit his lip and suddenly his eyes were cold: "Then you'd better keep things well for me. If they are a little damaged, I will not forgive you!" With that, he reluctantly took a look at the portrait of his parents and turned downstairs. Hey, what did you just say? Can't spare me? How dare you threaten me? You're tired of living. Aunt was so angry that she jumped to her feet. Next to the small hoodlum followed shouted: "Damn, thanks to your boy run fast, or break your legs." "How dare you threaten to let me see you next time and see how I deal with you." …… Running all the way down, Yi Ning tried to hold back his tears and did not cry. My life is really pitiful. I am only seventeen or eighteen years old, and I don't have the love of my relatives around me. Now, in order to make a living,pumpkin seed extract, I have to rush around. This is good. Because of my grandmother's illness, I don't even have a place to live, and I owe thousands of yuan in foreign debt. I don't have a penny on me. Is it true that God is going to kill me? He had always had a strong disposition, but now he felt deeply helpless. By the way, don't I have a power? Can you use it to help me change the status quo? He suddenly thought of the future fusion device, but how to make money with it? Start a company? Completely unrealistic, not to say whether they have experience and team, just to operate, they must have capital, obviously not. Then go to rob? More impossible, not to mention whether you have the courage, the key is that the future fusion device is to help you change your life, but will not do bad things. That Be a gigolo? Damn, if I really had that potential, I wouldn't be so bad. As Fang Yiqian said at the beginning, if you want to have no figure, if you want to have no appearance, turmeric extract powder ,lycopene for skin, you can't be more common. There was a lot of confusion in my mind, but I couldn't find a solution. In the end, I can only think of a practical question: "It seems that I have to continue to look for a job.". And it's a night show like a nightclub with a lot of money. Downstairs, just ready to go out, suddenly downstairs that small food store uncle Zhang called him, there is his phone. Yi Ning doesn't have a cell phone, and the only way he can get in touch with his grandmother is the phone booth downstairs. Now I have my own phone number, which is obviously from my grandmother. Yi Ning hurriedly ran, answered the phone, endured the depression in his heart, and said, "Grandma." "Xiao Ning." From the other end of the phone came Grandma's trembling voice: "How have you been recently?" "Well.." Yi Ning hesitated and said with a forced smile, "It's very good. I eat well and sleep soundly. I've made great progress in my study recently." But in fact, he is now swept out of the door, there is still a meal without the next meal, and the results are even worse. Is it? That's good. That's good.
Hey, you've suffered all these years, and my body doesn't live up to expectations. "Grandma." Yi Ning almost cried out. No matter how hard she was, she couldn't lose the old man. Especially at her age, if she knew her current situation, she couldn't tell what would happen. The tears in her eyes rolled around several times. Finally, she held back and said, "It's all right. Xiao Ning has grown up and is a big man. He can take good care of himself and his grandmother. You can rest assured of your illness." When I have a holiday, I will go home to see you. Good, good, good grandson. Grandma is waiting for you at home, but you have to work and go to school, you have to have a good rest, don't tire yourself, it doesn't matter if you have less money, the key is not to damage your body, do you know? Grandma said with concern. To be able to get the care of relatives, for Yi Ning, is a great encouragement, and then said a few words to his grandmother, afraid that he really can not help crying, they quickly hung up the phone. Seeing this, Uncle Zhang sighed and said, "Xiao Ning, I just heard that you were driven out. Now you have no place to live, do you?"? What are you going to do? What else can I do? Keep looking for a place to live. "But do you have money?" "I.." Yi Ning hesitated to speak and sobbed, "When I find a job, I will have money." "Oh, poor child." With another sigh, Uncle Zhang took out a stack of crumpled loose banknotes from the drawer and gave them to Yi Ning: "I'm old and I don't have much money. This food store barely makes a living. I want to help you very much, but I can't do anything about it. This money is just a little token of my appreciation." "No, Uncle Zhang, I can't take the money, I really." "Take it!" As soon as Uncle Zhang drank, he said kindly, "You are a good man, and you are practical and diligent enough. I believe you will stand out one day." "Drop.." The tears, at this moment, finally flowed down without reservation. He did not refuse again,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, but took it over. Indeed, he was so hungry now that he needed to eat too much. He thanked him again and again: "Uncle Zhang, thank you. I will remember your kindness and repay it later." ……。


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